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Question   Great Work!
Just wanted to say I really like the new Feature Gallery - "Primates - Expressions of Us in Them" There are also a number of photographs in your other gallery subsections that I am particularly fond of including "Great Indian Rhinoceros", "Fallen Branches", "Whence He Came", "Cerulean Panthera", "Devine View", "Post-Atomic Stress Disorder", and a couple of untitled pieces. It's inspiring to see such dedication. Keep up the great work!

- Karen T 1/11/2005 4:46:24 PM

  Answer Thanks, Karen. Your comments certainly mean a lot! I'm glad you're enjoying the Featured Gallery as well as the other images mentioned. Some of them are my personal favourites as well. I apologize for the images without titles. Many of the galleries are under maintenance and once the final inclusions are decided, all images will be titled. Thanks for visiting!

- Eric H.  1/13/2005 1:10:22 AM

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Question   Beautful Works!
Hello Eric. I just today got my own website and I hope it turns out 1/2 as good as what youve done here. The pictures are outsatnding, Great Work! I enjoyed the visit here.

- Robert A. Simpson 12/27/2004 5:44:55 PM

  Answer Hi Robert, thanks for visiting and signing the Guestbook! I really appreciate your generous comments, and I wish you all the best for your website!

- Eric H.  1/4/2005 7:12:08 AM

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Question   Wonderful Quality!!
I just received my order and I am so happy with it. The photos are beautiful and the presentation is top quality. I love the fact that the cards can be framed and displayed as it is an actual high quality photo mounted to the front of the card. I am proud to distribute these to my customers and expect many wonderful comments back from them. Thanks for the quick service and the quality product! I'll be back! -K

- Kelly Abernathy 6/15/2004 9:36:40 PM

  Answer Thanks so much for the great feedback! I hope your customers enjoy the cards. Your support is greatly appreciated!

- Eric H.  6/21/2004 11:04:50 PM

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Question   "Nature's Secret"
"Nature's Secret" is one of my many favorites. Your pictures are truly inspiring.

- Carla S. 3/28/2004 6:16:04 PM

  Answer Of all my primate photos (there are easily over 200 of them), the images with the most varied expressions are of the White-handed Gibbons. This particular Gibbon is named "Lenny", and enjoys relaxing and watching the turtles in his pond. He used to try to catch them until one bit him! There is an alternate version of this photo that will be posted as part of a series in the next few weeks that is just the Gibbon without the "Wisp", which was added digitally. Thanks for coming back, and for the nice comment!

- Eric H.  3/29/2004 2:45:04 PM

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Question   Superb!
Just stopped by as a result of your commenting on "Golden Cougars". You have a set of superb photos, and I am very impressed. You and Sandra are a great team! If you need anything from out west (Calgary), let me know!

- Doug Newman 3/16/2004 11:01:12 PM

  Answer Thanks so much, Doug! I'm glad that you enjoyed our site, and appreciate the opportunity for me to see the beauty of Western Canada through yours. I look forward to seeing more of your work on your Website & at BetterPhoto!

- Eric H.  3/17/2004 10:42:52 PM

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Question   "Hi"
I found your link in your comment about one of my pictures("Red") in BP's site and by the way, thank you! And I came to visit your site. I really enjoyed your gallery and my favorite is "Autumn in Ontario". I love colors of fall and your pictures are really beautiful!

Best wishes,

- Maryam S. 3/6/2004 12:49:28 PM

  Answer Hi Maryam!, thanks so much for your generous comment! Autumn is our favourite time of year, and we make a trip up north just for the fall leaves every year! I hope you check back again soon, as that Gallery is the one I am currently in process of updating, and should have another 20 or more images to add! Thank you so much for visiting!

- Eric H.  3/7/2004 7:41:13 AM

  Answer Hi again! Your new pictures in the "Autumn in ontario" Gallery are fantastic and so colorful! Very beautiful!

- Maryam S.  3/9/2004 12:08:29 PM

  Answer Thanks again, Maryam! I'm so glad you've enjoyed our site!

- Eric H.  3/11/2004 12:59:59 AM

  Answer I really liked your "Autumn in ontario" gallery great work!

Philip Pankov
Pictures of Ireland - Fine Art Black & White Photography of Ireland

- Philip P.  9/19/2005 2:11:17 PM

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Question   StoneHorse Studios
High Eric and Sandra. I'm impressed with the quality and scope of your site. Its nice to know that other Torontonian's qre participting on BetterPhoto. The other Canadian is Leanne Boyd from Vancouver. I have heard from another one in the Maritimes but I don't believe they have a Gallery. You guys do great work and I'll keep checking back from time to time. I wondered if you have checked out my Deluxe Site "ArrowheadFotos" and if you have any comments or suggestions. Keep in touch and once again thanx for the comment on my Polar Bear picture today - Allan

- Allan L. Whitehead 3/5/2004 4:56:45 PM

  Answer Hi Allan, thanks so much for visiting! I'm been to your website and browsed your BP Member's Gallery often. Your images always reflect our city, sites, and people in the grandest way! I look forward to seeing more of your work, and will frequent your site to check for new works, as well as visit old favourites! Thanks again!

- Eric H.  3/6/2004 9:31:30 AM

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Question   NICE JOB!
You guy's keep us rookies working that much harder, THANKS FOR A GREAT SITE TO SHOW US THAT PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT..

- Stefan M. Nadwodny 3/3/2004 6:15:45 PM

  Answer Hi Stefan, thanks for stopping by and signing the Guestbook! Your comments are really appreciated! I look forward to seeing more of your work at BetterPhoto!

- Eric H.  3/5/2004 4:27:30 AM

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Question   Amazing Talent
Your pictures are fantastic. I'm sorry I didn't stop by sooner to have a look.

Very interested in checking back for more additions to the site.

- Carla S. 2/28/2004 8:38:49 AM

  Answer Hi Carla, thanks so much for stopping by & for the generous comment! We've still got a long way to go, but that means we'll be posting new stuff pretty much daily. We're hoping to have our offical "go-live" launch by the end of March. Thanks again for visiting!

- Eric H.  2/29/2004 3:43:42 AM

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Question   excellent
excellent! I likeda peektures of the birds. sorry abut my english. need to put thebalm on

- jackie c 2/27/2004 5:44:41 PM

  Answer Hi Jackie, thanks so much for visiting StoneHorse Studios!. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures!

- Eric H.  2/28/2004 8:29:17 AM

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