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from Beverly J. Speed Hello Eric and Sandra,

I've spent some time perusing your gallery and thoroughly enjoying your beautiful photos. You have quite a variety of subjects/themes. My favorite is your Birds; but, it's obvious that your talents stretch well beyond that subject.

Keep the pics coming!

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from Eric Highfield
on February 18, 2004
 Thanks for visiting StoneHorse Studios, Beverly! We'll keep them coming, I promise. If you have a website or plan to get one, send me an e-mail with the address when it's available. Unfortunately we don't have the know-how or the equipment for underwater photography, so I really love living it through your photos! Previous Response:
from Leigh A. Norrie
on March 06, 2004
 Man this is some serious bulk of work Previous Response:
from Eric Highfield
on March 06, 2004
 Thanks so much, Leigh! I'm glad you've stopped by. I enjoy viewing your photographic works of the Japanese landscape and culture! Japan is a place I've always wanted to visit, and your photos strengthen that desire more so. Thanks so much for Visiting StoneHorse Studios! 

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