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from Bill Candlish C.F. Highfield


Very nice site. I have a painting of my Uncle Edwin Gardiner by C.F. Highfield. My Grandfather James G. Gardiner was Premier of Sask. then Fed. Minister of Agriculture with Mackenzie King. When his son Edwin was shotdown (and killed)in his spitfire in Dieppe. C.F. Highfield painted his portrait from a newspaper picture and sent the painting to my Grandfather's office in Ottawa. I now have the painting in my office.


Bill Candlish Previous Response:
on May 30, 2009
 I have 6 pictures by highfield and would like to have more information about him. I know he went to canada.I believe he had a portrait of sitting bull in ottawa.I am very interested to know more.  Previous Response:
from Eric Highfield
on May 31, 2009
 Hi, I believe the portrait you are referencing is "Red Tomahawk". Red Tomahawk was the Chief that is accredited with the killing of Sitting Bull. This painting is still in the family collection.

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on June 20, 2009
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